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If you’re looking for an SEO expert in Patna that can aid you in bringing targeted visitors to your website and increase your website’s traffic, you should hire me directly.

I,m Google certified the best Freelance Dedicated SEO Expert in Patna. I provide affordable SEO services in Patna for small-scale businesses, services to service-oriented businesses who wish to bring more organic traffic to their site.

According to the Search Engine Journal, there are more than 2 billion users who use the internet as well as 93% of all online experiences begin with the search engine.

Every business is moving online. So, you need the best SEO expert in Patna to be successful in the marketplace.

If you have a business in Patna and still your business is not online, this could result in a loss of business and important customer interactions. I’m sure that you’ve talked about your business to family and friends, but it’s not going to do when you’re trying to create a business that will last for a long time.

So, what’s the answer to getting your company in front of hungry customers and creating a long-term sustainable company?

The solution is easy: Just be there any time your customer needs you.

Grow Your Business With Search Engine Optimization

If you invest a small amount in SEO (Search engine optimization) will help grow your business by generating organic traffic or customers and connecting buyers and sellers from all over the globe. Today’s Best Marketing Strategy is Search Engine Optimization. It allows you to attract new customers without spending money. For that, you need an experienced, reliable best-rated SEO expert in Patna at a reasonable price.

Why is your business in need of Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process to improve the visibility of a website and positioning it in the search results to increase organic traffic to the website. To be successful in SEO many different tasks must be done in order to rank better than your competition.

Here are some benefits of SEO:
  • Increase the visibility and exposure of your site.
  • Increase the natural and organic traffic to the website.
  • Enhance brand visibility and increase search engine ranking.
  • SEO Will Help People Find Your Website
  • SEO Builds Trust & Credibility
  • Over 250 million websites are available on the internet. SEO Services makes You Stand Out

Why choose us for SEO services in Patna

  • Affordable SEO experts: Rb. Yadav is a reliable SEO expert in Patna. He has 3+ years of experience with purely white-hat SEO, which includes the most recent SEO techniques for search engines. with the help of our organic SEO services in Patna, we have been able to rank a variety of websites on the top pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines.
  • Results You Can Count On: We’re able to guarantee that we’ve provided expert SEO solutions in Patna since the year 2019 and have delivered incredible results for our clients. Our SEO efforts allow us to ensure that our website is able to reap the benefits of our efforts.
  •  We Deliver On Time: The value of time is in the business world We set reasonable objectives and timelines. We never make an untrue promise in terms of delivering SEO results to our clients. Our team communicates regularly with the clients, giving them regular updates on development and milestones.
  • Ethical SEO Practices: The SEO methods we employ are considered to be ethical and are white hat according to the guidelines set by Google. Our SEO experts in Patna ensure that there are no negative effects to your site’s ranking when creating backlinks. We only use tested legitimate, ethical, and legal SEO methods that are completely conforming to Google.
How We Work

Our Advanced SEO Strategy

SEO Expert in Patna Follow Advanced SEO Strategy, Latest Algorithm, Google Rules & Guidelines, Google 200 Ranking Factors, Competitive Analysis, Competitive On-Page And Technical SEO Strategy, High-Quality Link Building Practice.

Stage 01.

Keyword Research

Keyword Search is among the most effective SEO component when it comes to Ranking & Business on google since the correct selection of keywords will help to increase sales and choosing the wrong keywords could result in losing your online business. The first step is to conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant organic keywords in relation to your competition, Google Searches & those who will generate leads and traffic for you.

Stage 02.

Competitor Analysis

The second step is to conduct competitor research and analysis. This is important to SEO's difficulty. Therefore, we will analyze your competitors in-depth such as keyword position, keyword difficulty, on-page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-page SEO.

Stage 03.

Keyword Mapping

This is a type of formatting process is the process of directing relevant keywords on different web pages by conducting a thorough keyword search.

Stage 04.

SEO Audit

SEO Audits are conducted to ensure that your site is checked for the Search Engine Optimization process for each step in your audit plan and identify any problems that require fixing or improvement in order to boost your website's performance on search engines.

Stage 05.

On-Page SEO Activity

This is an extremely important process in SEO as it is the most important pillar of Search engine optimization it can aid in ranking on Google and therefore we employ an advanced method of On-page SEO.

Stage 06.

Off-Page SEO Activity

This is the second crucial process within the SEO because it is the 2nd foundation for Search engine optimization it can assist you in improving your rank in Google We will build a backlink based on 100% organic white hat methods such as the creation of profiles and article submission WEB 2.0 Guest posting, Directory submission, business listings, and many more.

Stage 07.

Technical SEO Activity

An audit of technical SEO is a process that examines all the aspects that affect your site's SEO are assessed including the robot's file, sitemap, crawling, 404 error, broken link load speed, bounce rate, and more. It basically examines the overall health of your website and determines which aspects are less effective and could be improved.

Stage 08.

Result & Reporting

Finally, we'll get the desired outcome, This analysis is similar to analyzing the growth and digital presence of the whole site, and what steps should take in the coming years. A thorough analysis of the performance of our keywords including Off-page, On-Page, and technical SEO.

Super powerful features

SEO expert in Patna mixes traditional search engine optimization tactics with innovative strategies. Here are some reasons that make Rb. Yadav your most ideal choice:

High-End Anaylizing
We conduct a thorough analysis of your competitor's strengths and weaknesses, based on the keyword you want to target by looking at the quality of backlinks and technical SEO, as well as On-page SEO, as well as Off-page SEO.
Excellence Track Record
We will give all the small task information, such as keywords in search engines information on traffic on an SEO reports every fifteen days. Our work will be completely transparent since, for us, the client is our first priority.
Our Dedicated Support
We provide consistent and dedicated individual consultation and assistance to our customers. Contact us by phone, Email, Social media, and WhatsApp.
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4.8/5 Average rate

Frequently Asked Questions

More than three years of expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and as the best SEO specialist in India.

He is a highly experienced SEO consultant who has worked with many businesses in India and created innovative online marketing strategies that have worked wonders for their clients.

Our prices are mainly based on quality of the keywords as well as the efforts needed to get them listed on the first pages of Google. A lot is required to implement SEO. SEO is the best way to drive organic traffic to your website. some of the most important facts about why SEO traffic is vital.
93% of users use search engines to conduct searches.
75% of people do not go to page 2.
The majority of users are influenced by organic results.

In this day and age of competition each business wants to increase its reach to the largest amount of clients and SEO is the most effective way to accomplish this. These are the most compelling reasons that should make every business employ an SEO experts:

  • Improve Brand Awareness SEO is a good way to can make your site famous and can help you build the trust of your customers and we too. We assist you in making your brand more trustworthy.
  • Increase the Number of Leads SEO in India will help you to gain many lead-generating organic opportunities for your company. Our real results makes our company our company the Best SEO consultant in India.
  • An increase in sales If you are ranked top on Google Search Engine Result Pages and you are sure to rank high, you will see an increase in sales that is guaranteed.
  • Competitors are using SEO It's an age of competition, and everyone wants to be in the lead. Because of this, your competition is already performing SEO and are gaining more leads and a rise in sales.
  • Lower costs: SEO marketing is one of the least expensive marketing strategies in the internet world and is much affordable than traditional marketing.
  • Monitor your visitors and customers: With SEO services it is easy to monitor the traffic of users to your website according to region the device or location, aswell as the age range.
  • Organic Leads: The organic SEO service in India produces organic leads for our clients that are 100% genuine and cost-free.
  • A High Conversion Ratio: the leads that are generated by Our SEO will more often result into permanent customers, increasing your sales on a daily basis.
  • Greater Brand Awareness: Doing SEO of your site will make it rank higher on search results pages, making your website and your business more famous.

The minimum period that you need to consider is six months. This is only for websites that are currently operating and are in non-competitive niches.

If you're in a market that is competitive, you may be looking at anything from 12 up to 18 months. On average, 6-12 months is a reasonable guideline to get up to first place on Google by using our search-engine strategy for SEO marketing.

  • Use the most recent Google Algorithms: Our experts are always on top of the latest Google algorithms when they do SEO to keep ahead of the pack.
  • An enormous amount of leads: With SEO services that are organic in India the user of Google will be directed to your site, bringing you a lot of leads.
  • More sales: When thousands of customers visit your site and you are placed no.1 in search of relevant services and products, hundreds of them will either hire or purchase your product , resulting in increased sales.
  • Online reputation management: Alongside performing SEO, and ranking your site higher, we take into consideration that your company's image on the internet must maintain a satisfactory degree.

According to our offerings as per our features, you have the only choice in SEO specialists in India other than us. We are the best , and we have top local SEO specialists who can provide you with the best results and results for your business.

We consider our clients' website as our own and are committed to making it more effective and well-known. The SEO services are at no cost. We only charge for labor costs. So, we can help you increase your profit from a small amount of money.

  • Years of SEO Experience: I have more than a year of experience with SEO.
  • Deep Understanding of All Three SEO Levels: Technical, On-page and Off-Page Optimization.
  • Proven Experience of SEO Success: We have demonstrated SEO results and have worked with more than 100plus clients, both local and International. Please read about our case studies here.
  • Understanding what the Big Picture is: A SEO expert professional can understand the larger picture. Understand the specifics of what needs to be done to achieve a higher rank in Google. Why would you spend 10 hours doing something that will only produce little results when something else will yield more results in two hours? A reputable SEO expert makes the right choices and can get the most effective results.
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