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86% customers use search engines for local businesses. 76% local searches lead to a call. Local searches lead directly to local sales. Our local SEO specialists will make sure that your business is more visible to your target audience via our local SEO services.

Local SEO Services

Every second, a thousand people search for the services and products that you offer. Are you on the first page? As your local SEO expert, I will create, verify and optimize the map for your business so it always appears on Google and Maps results.

  • Google Maps pages can be created, verified, and optimized with photos, videos and descriptions.
  • You can submit and optimize your profile in over 100 directories, including FourSquare, YellowPages and FourSquare.
  • Monitor and improve your reputation on directories. Drive positive reviews and ratings.
  • Improve Google Maps and Organic Search Engine Rankings, Impressions, Clicks, and Calls

We Help Your Business Be Found On The First Page of The Google

Local SEO services focus on optimizing keywords and search traffic for your prospects on Google. We rank your website in the top 3 results on Google Maps and the top 10 organic results (first page on Google).

Top 3 Google Maps Results: We will get to you. Local SEO services include review management, citation building, and website optimization. This will help you get in front of your customers.

Top 10 organic search results: We also work on your organic rankings. Basic local SEO packages include keyword analysis, strong backlinks, technical SEO, and content marketing.

Daily SEO Ranking Updates: You have unlimited access to all ranking updates. We create a custom online dashboard that allows you to monitor trends and track progress and check your rankings at any time.

All that we create is yours: We give you complete ownership of everything we do during your campaign. Logins, backlinks, and website updates.

Our backlinks are powerful: We build backlinks from authoritative websites that will increase your website’s visibility on Google. The most important factor in both local and organic SEO is quality backlinks.

Work with experienced local SEO consultant

Effective local SEO solutions require many aspects – off-site and on-site SEO listings for local directories reviews, links and many more. You may need to work in all these areas, or only on a few – this exact scope of work will be decided before optimization starts.

However much help you need, I can help. Here are a few highlights:

Google Maps Optimization

I’ll make sure that your Google Places page is error-free perfect optimized, and is appealing to potential users. This step is essential if something is wrong on your Places page. It’s less likely to appear on local map results.

Citation Optimization & Building

If your business isn’t included on the local and online directories Google favours, it could not rank as high as you might. It’s the same when your listings aren’t updated or contain incorrect information about your business. I’ll do my best to rectify any errors and create those that you’re not seeing.

Website Audit & Optimization

Doing an SEO audit on your website, fixing any technical issues, and improving the overall user experience can improve your chances of ranking better on Maps. I’ll provide suggestions and work with your website developer or designer or even resolve the issue myself.

Content Creation

Your website may not have enough content to create Google look like your site. It could be that you don’t have enough of the right content for the keywords you’re trying to improve, or your site isn’t focused or precise enough. Partnering with a local SEO expert can assist you in creating content that showcases your skills and help you revive pages that require more work. One of my writers can research for you and ask for fact-checking the content before publishing it.


The creation of a solid backlink profile is the most challenging element in every locally focused SEO campaign. I’ll review the existing backlinks and develop an action plan if it needs to be improved or updated (to be safe from any penalties Google may impose). I’ll work with you to create new backlinks.


I’ll assist you in getting many more positive reviews of your clients. Reviewing is always a struggle, but they’ll allow you to stand out from your competitors, increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate), and make users more committed to your brand.

World-class expertise

Local SEO isn’t a paint-by-numbers project as each business is different. Challenges and questions will arise that you cannot anticipate – and particular issues that aren’t easily fixable. It’s good to know that I’ve worked with more than 30 businesses and websites in five countries over the last five years as an in-person locally-based SEO specialist and consultant, which means I’ve likely helped a company like yours before.

Local Directory Submissions Will Help Improve Rankings

More than 90 per cent of local searches (users are looking for nearby businesses, i.e. “barber shop”, “real estate agent”) result from Google maps the site that was previously was known as Google+Local and is it is now known as Google My Business.

There are a variety of ranking elements in local SEO that determine if your business is listed in Maps results. I’ll work on each one to ensure that you are ranked with respect to Organic as well as Maps results.

Local directory submissions are included In Local SEO Services, and I’ve got everything covered. Most clients will be on the initial page within 3 to 6 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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More than three years of expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and as the best SEO specialist in India.

He is a highly experienced SEO consultant who has worked with many businesses in India and created innovative online marketing strategies that have worked wonders for their clients.

Rb. Yadav is the best SEO specialist in India, and he is the founder and CEO of a full-service digital marketing agency(ShoutnGrow), equipped with a team of SEO experts in India who are very passionate about the world of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, And those who believe in doing better in the competition.

Apart from White Hat SEO service, we also provide Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Services and other Digital Marketing Services.

Our prices are mainly based on quality of the keywords as well as the efforts needed to get them listed on the first pages of Google. A lot required to implement SEO.

Therefore, our monthly SEO packages begin at 15,000 INR for a month.However at this rate it can take longer to get to high on Google.For most companies we suggest our 25,000 to 30,000 INR per month, as it is the most price.

In this day and age of competition each business wants to increase its reach to the largest amount of clients and SEO is the most effective way to accomplish this. These are the most compelling reasons that should make every business employ an SEO experts:

  • Improve Brand Awareness SEO is a good way to can make your site famous and can help you build the trust of your customers and we too. We assist you in making your brand more trustworthy.
  • Increase the Number of Leads SEO in India will help you to gain many lead-generating organic opportunities for your company. Our real results makes our company our company the Best SEO consultant in India.
  • An increase in sales If you are ranked top on Google Search Engine Result Pages and you are sure to rank high, you will see an increase in sales that is guaranteed.
  • Competitors are using SEO It's an age of competition, and everyone wants to be in the lead. Because of this, your competition is already performing SEO and are gaining more leads and a rise in sales.
  • Lower costs: SEO marketing is one of the least expensive marketing strategies in the internet world and is much affordable than traditional marketing.
  • Monitor your visitors and customers: With SEO services it is easy to monitor the traffic of users to your website according to region the device or location, aswell as the age range.
  • Organic Leads: The organic SEO service in India produces organic leads for our clients that are 100% genuine and cost-free.
  • A High Conversion Ratio: the leads that are generated by Our SEO will more often result into permanent customers, increasing your sales on a daily basis.
  • Greater Brand Awareness: Doing SEO of your site will make it rank higher on search results pages, making your website and your business more famous.

The minimum period that you need to consider is six months.This is only for websites that are currently operating and are in non-competitive niches.

If you're in a market that is competitive, you may be looking at anything from 12 up to 18 months. On average, 6-12 months is a reasonable guideline to get up to first place on Google by using our search-engine strategy for SEO marketing.

  • Use the most recent Google Algorithms: Our experts are always on top of the latest Google algorithms when they do SEO to keep ahead of the pack.
  • An enormous amount of leads: With SEO services that are organic in India the user of Google will be directed to your site, bringing you a lot of leads.
  • More sales: When thousands of customers visit your site and you are placed no.1 in search of relevant services and products, hundreds of them will either hire or purchase your product , resulting in increased sales.
  • Online reputation management: Alongside performing SEO, and ranking your site higher, we take into consideration that your company's image on the internet must maintain a satisfactory degree.

According to our offerings as per our features, you have the only choice in SEO specialists in India other than us. We are the best , and we have top local SEO specialists who can provide you with the best results and results for your business.

We consider our clients' website as our own and are committed to making it more effective and well-known. The SEO services are at no cost. We only charge for labor costs. So, we can help you increase your profit from a small amount of money.

  • Years of SEO Experience: I have more than three years of experience with SEO.
  • Deep Understanding of All Three SEO Levels: Technical, On-page and Off-Page Optimization.
  • Proven Experience of SEO Success: We have demonstrated SEO results and have worked with more than 100plus clients, both local and International. Please read about our case studies here.
  • Understanding what the Big Picture is: A SEO expert professional can understand the larger picture. Understand the specifics of what needs to be done to achieve a higher rank in Google. Why would you spend 10 hours doing something that will only produce little results when something else will yield more results in two hours? A reputable SEO expert makes the right choices and can get the most effective results.

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Rb. Yadav Founder & CEO of ShoutnGrow

I'm the best SEO expert in India because I have designed my website myself, and I have also got my website ranked on the first page of Google, so as I have achieved results for myself, I can do the same for you.

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